Tomas Hucke Holtinkoski: Guitar, Vocals

Johnny Rosengren: Bass, Vocals

Hasse Öhman: Drums, Backing vocals

Formalin was founded in 2002 by the two remaining members of the post pop band “blåh” which gave in late 2001. The guitarist “Hucke” was found in another band called “Pulse” and was brought in to create this quite weird band. There where no question to what language they should sing in, since both “Pulse” and “blåh” sang in Swedish. During summer 2002 Formalin recorded their debut CD “Lekar i betong” (Plays in concrete) in the WDGAF studio and released on the same label; WDGAF Records.

Because of problems, the three piece band had to wait for their next recording. In April 2007 their EP “Smisk med liten EP” (Spanking with a small EP) was released and the followup to their first album was released October 17th 2007 entitled “Frihet är att vara lagom bakfull”.

In 2009 the band started to feel like it was time to put an end to what had started 7 years earlier. All members where incorporated in different music projects which started to take up a lot of time.
So after the concert and the release of the Art Performance Production 5 Years anniversary CD the 29th of November 2009. The guys decided that it was time to split up.

Hucke is going to pursue his solo carrier and play in other bands. Hasse is the new drummer in Grand 60 as well as the 747’s and Project TRAP. Johnny is going to release his solo album in 2012 and continue in other constellations.

The guys thanks the fans for the time they had!