Web Construction

Web Construction saw its first light in 1990. Then as a four piece band. In early 1991 Web Construction got its formation which would continue as a three piece band. Late 1991 was the start of the electronically two piece formation.

For a couple of years, Web Construction had two formations for different types of songs, but in 1995, the first set was dropped and only the two piece formation continued.

In 1992 the first CD was recorded with the two piece formation, but the record company they where making one album for, lost the original master recording. Thus in 1993 the album was recorded again with some slight differences. But then the record company refused to print the album. Why they refused, we have no idea.

So, the years passed by and the boys continued to write for WC but also playing in other bands and formations and in 2004 Web Construction was contracted to Art Performance Production, and right now, the new album “By the light of day and darkness of night” is being recorded in Amsterdam.