Thomaz decided that he wanted to make an album about death and all its features. He brought in some friends: Simon Bloomfield (ex Rezillos), Kristian Anttila and musicians from Gothenburg based Viva Revolución amongst others, to create a, to say at least, very interesting album which varies in different music styles.

Thomaz voice, which is dark and trembling, moves through the albums different songs in a very personal way.


First single out from the album was the only Swedish song, a cover of “Stjärna på himmelen” released in September 2006, followed by the album it self in november 2006.

Thomaz Ransmyr, about the album: If I ever die

I’m always thinking about death. I find it interesting that even though we know that as the seconds passes by were getting nearer the end, instead of investigating what it is really about, we do our best to run from it, we pretend it doesn’t exist. Most people see death as something bad, dark and depressing - but I’m thinking its a good plan that the last thing we do in life is probably one of life’s most thrilling experiences, and for that matter - something we have never done before in life!

The title of the album IF I EVER DIE explains exactly what making this album was all about for me. If I ever die, as we do have the odds against us, the only thing I would grief not to have done, would be to not have released that record I always dreamed of. So I put my heart and strength into making it. You never know, it might be the next last thing I ever did.

Through the album, I get to die through sickness, murder, age, sadism and suicide. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it.

Thomaz Ransmyr

Some voices about Thomaz and the album.

Nice atmosphere! Listen to most things but never heard anything like it! (Zavod on

This sounds like something you would hear in a smoky gay bar in Germany! (The arstist Lareginadisvetia on

I hear acoustic music, I hear synthesisers and I hear funky songs that makes me want to dance. But mostly, I feel, I feel Thomaz. (The artist Henric Johansson on his blog)

Thomaz has pre listened to Billy MacKenzie. But there are worse destiny’s than that. (Peter Forshage at Nöjesguiden (About: I see a shadow))