Souls in flight

There was never really any questions as to how “Souls in Flight” should sound.

The entire project came to life by mistake in 1990 during a recording of another band. It sounded so unusual and so very far away from the other music any of the guys had ever written or played so they decided to keep on making this kind of music.

In 1991 they got a contract opportunity but failed to deliver what the company wanted for the coming two years, but as soon as the opportunity had been withdrawn, the songs and the music came back to them.

Until 1996 they continued to write, but as with all bands and constellations, they just stopped playing together.

It wasn’t until 2005 they got together again to complete what they had started and in 2006 they where contracted to Art Performance Production for one album.

Souls in flight is a two piece band which will use other musicians for completing the recordings. The start of the first recordings are set for Autumn 2007 but due to the complexity of the music, it might take some time before we see the full album out.