Roger Karlsson

Roger Karlsson, known from Tuk tuk Rally, Inferno amongst others, has since 1995 gone solo. The first release was the critically acclaimed “Veckans Babe” released 1995 on Beat Butchers. It took some 10 years before the next album showed up, which was the beautifully crafted album “Indiansommar” also released on Beat Butchers.

One might think that Roger wasn’t doing anything during the 10 years of silence, but that was not the case. The album “Pärlor från sidlinjen” holds the pearls of the recordings that where made 1998 and 2002. They are now for the first time officially released. The album consists of 11 songs; 6 songs from the 1998 recording and 5 songs from the 2002 recording.

Members of these recordings where: 1998; Roger Karlsson, Tony Österman, Stipen, Åke Norling and Kjell Allinger. It was recorded and mixed by: Janne Ljungwaldh.

2002 recording; Roger Karlsson, Johan Johansson, Per Ivansson, Pelle Andersson and  Janne Ljungwaldh. Recorded by: Tomas Andersson and mixed by: Janne Ljungwaldh. Also performing on one of the songs are: Leif Strand, Stina Bauer and Göran Samuelsson on choir.

Roger Karlsson has been compared to: A heavier version of Ulf Lundell, Tomas Andersson Wij, Stefan Sundström and Staffan Hellstrand. But it must be said that Roger has his own sound and a perfect way of describing normal everyday life in his lyrics. A, kind of musically enhanced poet.

Roger Karlsson is signed to Beat Butchers, who has given us the rights and pleasure to release the album “Pärlor från sidlinjen” which should be seen as a kind of side-track from his career.

In November 2007 Rogers new album “Brev från Ågesta” was released. Check it out at

 In April 2009 Rogers debut CD “Veckans babe” is going to be re-released. At the same time there will be a release concert to celebrate this. Don’t miss one of the finest Swedish musicians. Go see him LIVE!