Maze of time

Once upon a time, guitarist, composer and lyricist Robert I Edman gathered two old friends to form an investigative trio; bass virtuoso Janne Persson and talented symphonic rock drummer Thomas Nordh, with the mission to size up a series of newly composed songs.

Good, he thought, but there’s more to this than meets the ear so far.
In the search for additional fellow journeymen looney enough to come to the Stockholm-based Over The Hill studio, and to the less travelled roads beyond, the trio was extended with long-time friend, guitar-man and vocalist Christer Lindström as well as childhood buddy Dr Alex Jonsson, known for tormenting keyboards and woodwinds – and then the journey began.

Robert's ideas and arrangements needed a sanity check so three tracks were recorded on one-inch tape, quickly mastered, and sent to a selected set of record companies. The positive feedback received from most, made the band work harder to sum up more of the musical findings, resulting in this full-length CD. With the warmth of analogue 70-ies, yet the steady beat of the 21:st century, you are warmly welcomed to our musical journey.

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It's rare when you discover a new band that has all of the musical and instrumental qualities you  are always looking for, and one of that is Maze Of Time, a band with a large musical spectrum and an even larger sound.

Maze of time; Album of the month, January 2007.
Progressive Rock BR

Maze of Time line up:

Robert I Edman: Guitars and Vocals
Jesper Landén: Lead Vocals
Jan Persson: Bass
Thomas Nordh: Drums and Percussion
Alex Jonsson: Keyboards

The first release of Maze of time was the 3 song CD “Under the sun” which was released as a private pressing in 2003. Maze of Time signed their record deal with Art Performance Production in June 2005 and started working on their official debut. “Tales from the maze” was released in November 2006 and sold very well for a debut CD.
With the departure of Christer Lindström beginning of 2007, the band teamed up with vocalist Jesper Landén. Together they started work on their follow up to tales in 2008.
The result was released in December 2008 after massive problems surrounding the release. “Lullaby for Heroes” showed that the band had grown and continued to create their own special sound.

In 2012 we will see their 3rd official album release; “Masquerade Show” release date 5th December 2012. With that there is also a digital single release of the song “Mile by Mile” released 26th October 2012.



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