Johnny, as his real name is, started his career back in 1983 as the bass player of D.F.K. a local punk band from Märsta, Sweden.
Over the years he played with several different bands, in different music styles, always as the bass player, until he in 1992 had to take on the vocals as well. In 1995 he reunited himself back to the Swedish punk scene with the band “Dr. Krall”.
Dr. Krall did a few gigs, but didn’t really make the grade. The band had two different settings and made two demo tapes. One with each setting of the band. In 1997 the band split up and Johnny and his fellow guitarist from the band “Lars Ohlin” joined forces and started a new band together, continuing what they had started. This new band was named “blåh” (Translation: Blue, but with an H at the end).

blåh toured around and made a few pretty good shows, but as with most bands, they didn’t reach “up there”.
After the CD-maxi “Kalas” (Released in 1998), they made a mini album in 2000 which was never released. In 2001, with the new drummer, they went into the studio to record their debut album “blåh´s världar och växtvärk”, but due to sound problems, the album had to be re produced twice but failed to give the boys the sound they wanted. With this negative impact, and the other guitarist leaving the band, it took but four months before blåh gave in in September 2001. Johnny and the drummer “Hasse Öhman” got a hold of the old drummer from Dr. Krall and started a new band together. They named themselves “Formalin”. But that is another story.

Many years later, Johnny found out that all the old demo recordings still holds. And are very good. So he decided to release these old demos, together with his two songs from the Kalas CD-maxi and an additional song that was recorded during that session but never released.
Of course, the songs he is about to release, are only songs that was written by himself. None of the others will be released.

Today, all the songs are collected and found on 16 track multi tapes, making it a bit easier to remix and produce a full length CD as JP´s first solo album. The only tape missing is the mini album from 2000 which seems to be nowhere to be found.
There is only a promo CD from that recording, and since the sound is pretty bad, none of those songs will be used.

In 2011 the remixing of the 8 tracks was done. It was produced by the same guy who made most of the recordings, Mikael Lundin, in his studio “Over the hill” outside of Stockholm, Sweden. All the songs are in JP´s native tongue, Swedish and the players are as follows:

Markus Hultén: Guitar (1 song)
Andreas Mattsson: Keyboards (4 songs)
Hucke: Drums (4 songs)
Lars Ohlin: Guitar, B-vocals (7 songs)
Martin Korsvall: Drums (3 songs)
Jan Mörk: Guitar, keyboard (4 songs)
Hasse Öhman: Drums (1 songs)

I will keep you posted with updates. Stay tuned for a really great album, which will be released in 2012. The title of the album is: “Dr.Knall och den blå odågan” (Dr.Bang and the blue rascal)
(Sometimes, the name Dr.Krall was misinterpreted and it came out Dr.Knall)

You can read more about JP-Rosengren and all his projects at his home page. At this moment the home page is in Swedish only, but an English version will be up soon.