Harvest of the Innocence

With thoughts and influences from “Dead can dance”, “Das Ich”, “Kitaro” and  “Black tape for a blue girl”; Harvest of the Innocence delivers music which is crafted with slow features. There is about five to six hours of music that is going to be recorded, all following a pattern of the thoughts of mankind and what we gained and lost on our way. First CD that was released 14th may 2008, is a Demo of what is to come. There are four songs on the CD; Two songs from “The Garden” theme, One from the “Solitude” theme and one from “The Lost” theme.

The different themes follow the thoughts of the creator of the music; The Garden being the beginning of life and fruitfulness as well as the ending of life. Solitude about the loneliness and emptiness and The Lost about all the things we lost. Be it love, life, dreams or time. A full explanation of the themes can be found on Harvest of the Innocence official home page.

For best result; Close the curtains, turn of the light, close your eyes, lay back and relax in your favourite chair or sofa and enjoy the music in comfortable volume.
Harvest of the Innocence will take you for a journey through your inner self.