Caisedo is born and adopted from Colombia. In early years he discovered the joy in music and acting.

He started dancing Ballet when he was 7 years old. Later on, acting came in a local theater group. When he was 15 years old, Caisedo wrote his first Musical together with his friend Maria E. They received a stipend for it and a year later his second musical followed.

Some years later Caisedo moved to Stockholm, where he teamed up with a guy and they started working together, but that project soon faded to dust.

 We move on two years and it’s now 2002 and Caisedo meets Johnny for the first time. After listening to Caisedo´s tracks they decided to give it a try, but somehow they lost contact.

 2004 Caisedo moves to France to get inspiration and influences. When catching time in the sun Caisedo gets a call... a call from Johnny who now had opened up an indie record label in Amsterdam where he had moved to from Sweden, Caisedo got contracted as one of the first artists into the new company.

 Years of work followed but somewhere along the way Caisedo and Johnny went in different directions which led to some plan switching! They kept the music because it was too good to throw away and gave the spot as the singer to, Anders Moberg.

 What about Caisedo then?

Well after some soul-searching and time off, he’s back!

He contacted Pierre G for some help and the two of them started their work to get that Caisedo sound that he wanted. This time Caisedo is really satisfied with everything, with the sound, his voice and the progress.

The 22nd of October you can find out what it sounds like when Caisedo’s debut album “Restless soul” is released.